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"Earth" envelops you in the nurturing embrace of the earth element, where the grounding energy of Mother Earth converges with the radiant light of the full moon. In this captivating psychic art print, the timeless wisdom of sacred geometry, and the presence of a Goddess unite to infuse your life with profound balance, grounding, and growth. 


As you immerse yourself in the fertile energies of this artwork, you'll find the stability and resilience that only the earth element can offer. Let it anchor your spirit, help you find stability, and stay true to yourself. The full moon's luminescent glow magnifies your journey, while the cube's structured form guides your path towards equilibrium physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. 


Within "Earth," the Goddess shares her timeless wisdom and healing energy, a reminder that you are always supported on your sacred journey. Bask in her nurturing presence and find solace in the rich soils of your soul. 


If "Earth" whispers to your heart and beckons to your spirit, consider welcoming its grounding energy into your life. Let it grace your space, offering you daily inspiration and the steadfast embrace of the earth element. 


  • Premium Lustre Photo Paper

    Premium Lustre Photo Paper. 230gsm. Lighter weight than the Museum quality paper. Designed exclusively to produce professional colour prints, with a brilliant white base that offers continuous tone and excellent image stability. Incredible depth and beautifully vibrant colours. Lustre/semi-gloss finish.

    Museum Fine Art Prints

    Most Popular! Museum Fine Art Paper. 280gsm. Heavier weight than the Lustre photo paper. A gently textured etching paper designed for museum-quality reproductions and particularly suited for colourful artworks and paintings. Matte finish. Exquisite detail and depth.

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