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Welcome to the mesmerizing world of 'Harmony,' a painting that encapsulates the profound beauty of chakra alignment and the transformation it brings to your life. Beyond its captivating visuals, this artwork is a gateway to a life of pure bliss without resistance. 


'Harmony' is a celebration of the synchronized dance of your energy centers. When your chakras are harmonized, you radiate a magnetic energy that effortlessly attracts abundance, health, creativity, and inner peace. This masterpiece infuses your environment with chakra balance, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through energetic alignment. 


Your body and spirit intimately understand the consequences of imbalanced chakras, often manifesting as physical or emotional dissonance. 'Harmony' is your visual reminder to stay in the flow and welcome the abundance that flows naturally with chakra equilibrium. 


As the esteemed owner of 'Harmony,' you have the privilege to personalize this artwork with intention, deepening its connection with your unique energy centers. Let it daily reaffirm your commitment to living a life of abundance in perfect energetic alignment. 


If 'Harmony' resonates with your pursuit of chakra equilibrium and boundless bliss, reach out now and let it guide you towards a life steeped in harmonious energy. 


    • 20"x16", 16"x13", 10"x8", 8"x6.5"
    • Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
    • Specific mediums- molding paste, crackle paste, acrylic paint, spray paint, charcoal and paint pens
    • Original
    • Gloss Varnish
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