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  • Guided With heART- Intuitive Reiki Session

Guided With heART- Intuitive Reiki Session


This is a non-invasive technique using various modalities to promote healing. It releases congestion or blockages from your energy centers to enable good flow of energy in the body. Blockages can come in the form of, but not limited to, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, anger, codependency, brain fog, etc. 


This energy work session is done virtually or in person with you and Jade. It's great for anyone wanting healing, balance and guidance and also includes healing art! This intuitive service invites connection from your angels, spirit guides or other universal energies of love and light. This is a gentle, yet powerful, and relalxing way to find balance and clarity for your next steps and will bring you back into alignment. 


The session is interactive and requires your participation in communicating what you see, hear, feel, etc. It's incredibly empowering and validating to experience what arrives. Jade will be guiding you on what she's doing and what area she's working on. It's a safe space where Divine energy flows to you and through you. 


After the session Jade will create art that displays what she heard, saw and felt during your time together she'll share with you. It's a beautiful way for you to SEE yourself in a new light, the guidance you received and how the universe is always supporting you. This in itself is incredibly healing and the art will continually send you energy from the session. You will have the opportunity to purchase a print of your custom art at a greatly reduced rate.


It also comes with the additional bonuses of:

• a free recording of your session to rewatch as many times as you want and it will keep sending you the same energy any time you want a boost or to maintain

• 2 follow ups. I’ll text you to check in and see how you’re feeling, answer any questions or help integrate

• an additional tool that I feel would best suit your needs. It could be a specific frequency of sound, food, exercise, colour, card pull, etc.

• guidance and coaching


Everything above is included for only $444 USD! I guarantee you’ll feel an improvement immediately and have some sort of shift or breakthrough. If not, and you’ve followed my guidance, I’ll hop on a call with you and give you additional support.


Once you make purchase, you can book an appointment and Jade or someone from her team will contact you shortly. 

  • Approximately 120 minutes or longer. If messages are insistent on coming through, Jade will extend the session to make sure you receive it.

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