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"Presence" is a captivating painting that speaks volumes through its simplicity. With its neutral colors and rich texture, it embodies the art of quiet strength and the beauty found in simplicity. In a world often filled with noise, "Presence" encourages you to let your grace, heart, and the wisdom born from transformation radiate like a beacon of light. 


This artwork is a testament to the power of saying less and allowing your essence to do the talking. As you immerse yourself in the tranquil aura of "Presence," you'll discover the profound beauty of being fully in the moment. 


Butterflies spiritually represent transformation, hope, and rebirth. In some cultures butterflies evoke qualities of freedom, earthly beauty, love and the human soul.  


As the proud owner of "Presence," you have the unique privilege to request an additional infusion, tailor-made for your journey. This ensures that "Presence" becomes not only a visual delight but a constant reminder of your spiritual connection and higher purpose. 


    • 20x16, 15x12, 12.5x10
    • Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
    • Specific mediums- molding paste, crackle paste, acrylic paint, spray paint, charcoal and paint pens
    • Gloss Varnish
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