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"Taking Up Space" invites you to boldly step into the full expression of your multifaceted self, without a hint of fear or judgment holding you back. It's a radiant reminder that you are destined to shine brilliantly in every corner of your existence. 


This painting goes beyond mere art; it's a mirror reflecting your unapologetic authenticity. It encourages you to release any lingering judgments or fears, recognizing that you are a magnificent being meant to illuminate even the darkest spaces.  


You are here to shine and be the most authentic version of yourself. Take up space, be bold, and open yourself up to the realm of infinite possibilities the Universe holds. 


And remember, as the proud owner of this painting, you have the privilege to request an additional infusion tailored to your personal journey. Let this artwork serve as a constant affirmation of your worthiness and your capacity to attract all that is aligned with your true self.

Taking Up Space

    • 24x12, 18.5"x9", 12"x6", 8"x4"
    • Set of 2
    • Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
    • Specific mediums- molding paste, crackle paste, acrylic paint, spray paint, charcoal and paint pens
    • Original painting
    • Gloss varnish
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