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"A Touch of Heaven" captures the life-altering essence of spiritual awakening, where a single touch can ignite a profound connection with one's Higher Power. This artwork transcends traditional boundaries, serving as a transformative vessel infused with Reiki energy and intention. It invites you to embrace the sacred within, reminding that even one transcendent moment can forever alter the course of your journey toward self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment and change generations to come. 


This artwork serves as a potent portal to nurture your connection with Spirit and your own soul. It's a testament to the journey of self-mastery, highlighting the path towards greater wisdom and enlightenment in this lifetime. 'A Touch of Heaven' invites you to embrace the sacred within you, to explore the depths of your soul, and to uncover the profound wisdom that resides in the realm of the Divine. 


Investing in 'A Touch of Heaven' is investing in your spiritual journey and personal growth. Let this exquisite piece infuse your space with the energies of divine presence, gratitude, love, health, and abundance.  


As the proud owner, you have the unique privilege to request an additional healing energy and intention to be infused that’s tailored to your personal journey, ensuring that this artwork becomes a constant support for your spiritual connection and higher purpose.  


If 'A Touch of Heaven' resonates with your soul, inquire now and let it be your guide, your portal to the Divine, and your steadfast companion on your path to more abundance, love, and self-discovery.  

Touch Of Heaven

    • 36'x24", 24"x16", 18'x12", 12"x8"
    • Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
    • Specific mediums- molding paste, string, acrylic paint, spray paint, charcoal and paint pens
    • Original
    • Gloss Varnish
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