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"Attune To The Divine" offers a glimpse into the profound visions that unfolded during a Reiki Master level 3 attunement. These sacred symbols are not confined to a single individual; they are threads in the tapestry of our shared collective consciousness, inviting you to explore their deeper meanings. 


Within this artwork, the wise owl represents the presence of ancient wisdom and heightened intuition. Lightning symbolizes Divine illumination and a profound awakening to higher truths. The numbers 26 and 47 carry their unique vibrational frequencies as all numbers do. Feathers, as messengers of the divine, convey messages of guidance and protection. 


Amidst this sacred tapestry, dandelion seeds take flight, reminding us of the ephemeral nature of life and the power of our desires carried on the winds of change. 


A sense of royalty and regal adornment in the form of a crown evoke the sovereignty of the soul and a deeper connection to our Divine heritage. 


As you contemplate "Attune To The Divine," allow these symbols to resonate with your spirit, guiding you towards deeper wisdom, profound awakening, and spiritual transformation. If this artwork calls to you, it does so with purpose, inviting you to harness its healing frequencies.  


"Attune To The Divine" is more than an artwork; it's a portal to higher understanding, a beacon of light in your spiritual journey. Embrace its true meanings, for they transcend individual experiences and touch the essence of our collective existence. 


If the energy of "Attune To The Divine" resonates with your spirit, consider inviting it into your life, and let it be a source of healing, guidance, and enlightenment on your unique journey. 

Attune To The Divine

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