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You’ve invested in yourself, been doing the work and have made progress, but your greatest efforts leave you feeling exhausted, uninspired or second guessing yourself. There’s a galactic-sized difference between

putting on a show & embracing who you are on a soul level.

Jade will get everyone in your community aligned with  the effortless way to flourish in business & in life… while letting go of the things that really don’t.

“That was lovely Jade. Very peaceful. I just finished the session and it helped me find calm (I let go of consciousness after the 4th Chakra) thank you for sharing your gift….so much peace in the sound of your voice.”



Here's the story.

As a multifaceted talent, encompassing roles such as Intuitive Artist, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Transformation Coach, speaker, podcaster, lightworker, starseed and neurodivergent Mompreneur, Jade has emerged as the foremost authority for guiding empaths, entrepreneurs, coaches and healers toward flourishing and achieving wholeness, enabling them to create a more profound impact with ease. Within a short span of 12 months after launching her business, Jade astoundingly sold over 26 original paintings to esteemed collectors across three countries and to accomplished 7+ figure earners, earned her certification as a Reiki Master, certified Transformation Coach and manifested awe-inspiring experiences. Through nurturing her mind, heart, and soul connection, Jade painted the reality she always envisioned and now passionately empowers others to do the same, guiding them back home to themselves.


Jade Olszewki

In the transformative year of 2021, Jade rediscovered her passion for painting after regaining the use of her arm, overcoming multiple chronic health challenges and abuse that she had endured throughout her life. This restorative process led to a spiritual awakening, igniting an ardent love for crafting energetic infused art and helping people heal from the inside out. Jade has devoted three years to uncovering the limitless power of our thoughts, emotions and energy, embodying these practices and being proof it works. Since then, Jade has collaborated with esteemed entrepreneurs and organizations like Chris Cameron, Janette O’Neil-Burns, Jessica West, Streets Alive Mission, Fairmont & Coulee Creek magazine, Bridge City News and a multitude of others.

Throughout her inspiring journey, Jade has touched the lives of hundreds of people, helping them replenish their spirits, feel empowered, inspired, and secure. With her guidance and services, they have been able to release resistance, manifest easier and wholeheartedly embrace their authentic selves, embodying the beautiful Soul they truly are and confidently pursue their dreams.

Watch Jade in Action

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"Jade is very spiritually aligned and connected."

"Her gifts as an artist and exemplary, and her abilities as a student are beyond the standard. I wish more people were like Jade in their passions and energetic endeavors."



"You have some sort of crazy powers."

"I received your painting and wow. It meant so much to me. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever frickin’ seen. …it’s like it was made for me, and you didn’t even know it. "


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Elevate Your Retreat or Upcoming Event With an Unforgettable Experience!


The Art of Healing and Magical Manifestation

Step into a warm and Divine space with Jade for a magical power hour, where you and your community can experience transformative healing, gratitude, manifestation magic, and creative expression. Offering customized workshops, Jade provides the flexibility for you to select the options that will bring the most value to your kinship. Through cleansing Reiki techniques and intuitive guidance, Jade aligns and balances your energy, while her soul-inspired art serves as a visual reminder of the healing messages received. Engage in playful movement and create your own healing art, discovering the power of color in manifestation. This immersive experience leaves you feeling light, refreshed, and connected to your limitless potential, as Jade shares her powerful techniques for ultimate health and wealth with compassion and humor.


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How to amplify manifestation through harnessing the power of intention and align their energy to manifest their desires and dreams with greater clarity and effectiveness

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How to enhanced healing with Reiki, to cleanse, balance, and align their energy, releasing blockages that may have been holding them back

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How to ignite your inner power with color as a manifestation tool, unlocking new dimensions of creativity and abundance in their lives. They will also gain valuable insights into self-care practices, empowering them to prioritize their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, nurturing a balanced and harmonious life.

Unlock your authentic self and create a life of enchantment and purpose as Jade's transformative methods lead you to embrace the extraordinary.

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Healing Through Gratitude & Transcending Into Love

These transformative teachings for ultimate health and wealth are unconventional, and that’s precisely why it works. Jade will lead you on a journey towards ultimate true prosperity, sharing her powerful and unparalleled techniques. She will guide you step by step how she went from suffering for over a decade with abuse, severe illnesses, two divorces and paralyzing shame, to being vibrant with life, spirit, health and living her dream life. Her compassion, transparency and humor will make you feel validated and inspired, unleashing your limitless potential.


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How to heal from the inside out with the transformative power of your thoughts and simply following the joy

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How embracing your weird, being authentic and using your superpowers is the path of least resistance and easiest way to flourish in business

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How to truly embody your most Divine self and create a life in harmony and alignment that you never need a break from

Unlock your gifts and instill a thriving foundation with Jade’s proven methods to health, wealth, love and success.

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Attune To The Divine With Mind, heART & Soul

Step into a warm and welcoming space with Jade, where you and your fellowship can connect and co-create a truly Divine experience. Her transformative Reiki techniques cleanse, balance and align your chakras, releasing blockages that may be unconsciously holding you back and she intuitively provides Universal guidance to help you pursue your endeavors.

Jade's soul-inspired art from the session will serve as a visual reminder of the messages you received and continue giving you that same healing energy. But the creativity doesn't stop there! Through raw, fun, movement and creative expression, everyone will also get to create their own healing art to take home and understand how to use colour to manifest.

This immersive experience will leave everyone feeling light, vibrant, refreshed, secure and with a deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves, their unique gifts, colour, and their connection to all that is.


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How welcoming negative emotions releases them faster, dissolves stored trauma in your body and can break generational cycles

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How we are all artists and healers and there’s no limit to the abundance you can create, do or have in business and life

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Remember who you are at a Soul level, truly trust yourself, align your energy centers and expand your inner wisdom

Join Jade on this magical journey towards self-discovery, connection, and transformation to illuminate your power within!

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The Artistry of Love and Soul-Exploration

Intuitively choose one of the transformative packages above and watch your life illuminate with power, love, and abundance. But why stop at just one? By combining both, you will immerse yourself in a life-changing experience that will not only heal and elevate yourself, but also generations to come. This is how you truly make an impact, by filling your cup so full that it spills over to others. Embrace the Divine that you are and unlock the limitless potential for a life of love, flow, balance, service and prosperity.


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How to use the leverage of the Universe to quantum leap, embody your Divine self and have a magical life

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How to confidently make the impact you desire so deeply, protect your energy and overcome what’s been holding you back

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Experience the collective power of community and co-creating, cultivating your mind, heart and Soul connection, so you can all flourish

Join Jade on this magical journey towards self-discovery, connection, and transformation to illuminate your power within!


"I love your courage, bravery and compassion."

"Your journey continuously shows me what’s possible! I love you share your wins, your Light and even the moments when you are feeling ‘out of sorts/contrast’."


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Say YES! And Let's Take The Next Step

Let us know as much as you can about your event, the more the better, and Jade’s team will get back to you within two business days.

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