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Crafted for the ambitious woman who's committed to her success, this package underscores the importance of consistent well-being in driving exceptional results. It's not just about isolated moments of brilliance; it's about ensuring sustained vitality and peak performance throughout the year. Whether you're gearing up for a significant event or unwinding post-milestone, this package is your insurance against burnout and a guarantee of your best self, every time. Schedule appointments proactively, or tap into this reservoir of rejuvenation whenever the need arises. Your success, streamlined.



  • 60 minutes x 6 of relaxing, blissful Reiki

  • Available virtually anywhere in the world

  • Full chakra balancing, cleansing and alignment

  • 1 personally recommended tool that you can use immediately after (card pull/reading, essential oil, sound frequency or healing colour)

  • Integration time to discuss your experience

  • 2 check-ins to see how you’re feeling, support processing anything that comes up or answer any questions that you may have

  • convenient booking options



  • Recording to watch your session & receive as many times as you want

  • BONUS guided meditation to use prior to session or anytime you want

Gentle Lotus Reiki Bundle

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