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"Sit With Me" is a tender masterpiece, transcending individual experience to offer solace and healing to all who embrace its ethereal embrace. A robin's gentle presence symbolizes rebirth and renewal, reminding us of hope's ever-present undercurrent during life's transitions. The serene lake reflects our interconnectedness and the peace found in stillness, while white feathers whisper reassurances of divine guidance. 


Dandelion seeds, carried by a gentle breeze, embody transformation and the balance between letting go and embracing the future. A portal of white light signifies the passage to a realm of pure love and light beyond earthly existence. Infused with Reiki energy, "Sit With Me" becomes a sacred vessel of solace, healing, and spiritual connection, extending its comforting message to all touched by loss, transition, and grief. 


If "Sit With Me" resonates with your heart or the memory of a loved one's passing, invite this artwork into your life to cradle your soul with peace, reassurance, and the enduring power of love. 

Sit With Me

  • Premium Lustre Photo Paper

    Premium Lustre Photo Paper. 230gsm. Lighter weight than the Museum quality paper. Designed exclusively to produce professional colour prints, with a brilliant white base that offers continuous tone and excellent image stability. Incredible depth and beautifully vibrant colours. Lustre/semi-gloss finish.

    Museum Fine Art Prints

    Most Popular! Museum Fine Art Paper. 280gsm. Heavier weight than the Lustre photo paper. A gently textured etching paper designed for museum-quality reproductions and particularly suited for colourful artworks and paintings. Matte finish. Exquisite detail and depth.

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