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Step into the enchanting world of 'The Secret Garden,' where hidden truths and untold stories are brought into the gentle embrace of light and transformation. This painting is a portal to a realm where secrets cease to bind and instead, become the seeds of a vibrant, magical garden. 


In the quiet corners of our hearts, we often cradle secrets, holding them close in the shadows. But 'The Secret Garden' invites you to release the weight of these hidden truths, allowing them to emerge into the radiant light of revelation. 


Just as a garden flourishes when nurtured, your life too will bloom with newfound vitality as you unveil your secrets. This exquisite artwork is a reminder that, in the act of sharing and transforming, you open the door to a world of enchantment and growth. 


As the guardian of 'The Secret Garden,' you have the privilege to infuse this painting with your intentions to support you. Let the painting serve as a reminder that by embracing vulnerability and the unveiling of your truths, you create a magical garden where life can thrive and flourish. 


If 'The Secret Garden' resonates with your heart, consider having your own commissioned piece. Let’s talk about a personalized painting for you that radiates its love and light into your space.

The Secret Garden

  • All We Need Is Love- The Beatles

    Every painting is created with no image in mind, but a feeling. From start to finish, each piece has a specific song which was played on a loop. This unique process allows the channeled energy and emotion to flow from Spirit, through Jade, and onto the canvas. We invite you to listen to the song unified with this painting, and go on a journey with us. 

  • Premium Lustre Photo Paper

    Premium Lustre Photo Paper. 230gsm. Lighter weight than the Museum quality paper. Designed exclusively to produce professional colour prints, with a brilliant white base that offers continuous tone and excellent image stability. Incredible depth and beautifully vibrant colours. Lustre/semi-gloss finish.

    Museum Fine Art Prints

    Most Popular! Museum Fine Art Paper. 280gsm. Heavier weight than the Lustre photo paper. A gently textured etching paper designed for museum-quality reproductions and particularly suited for colourful artworks and paintings. Matte finish. Exquisite detail and depth.

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