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As a commissioned piece, 'Sanctuary' was brought into existence to embody the reverence and unwavering faith of its creator. It encapsulates the idea that, in moments of stillness and connection, we find refuge in the loving arms of the Holy Spirit. The soothing colors and gentle strokes evoke a sense of peace and serenity, inviting you to come closer to the divine presence within and around you.

This painting serves as a powerful reminder of the sacred sanctuary that resides within your heart, a place where your faith is nourished, and your connection with the Divine is strengthened. Just as 'Sanctuary' was created with intention and devotion, may it inspire you to deepen your own faith journey and find solace in the unwavering love of the Holy Spirit.

If 'Sanctuary' resonates with your soul's longing for a deeper connection with the Divine, bring it into your sacred space as a print and let it be a beacon of faith, love, and sanctuary.


Enter the sacred world of this commissioned piece, 'Sanctuary,' a painting that serves as a profound representation of the Holy Spirit as a sanctuary, a refuge where faith is deepened and praise for the Divine resounds. This artwork is a testament to the boundless love and divine presence that surrounds us, providing solace and a haven for the soul.


You Are My Hiding Place- Selah

Every painting is created with no image in mind, but a feeling. From start to finish, each piece has a specific song which was played on a loop. This unique process allows the channeled energy and emotion to flow from Spirit, through Jade, and onto the canvas. We invite you to listen to the song unified with this painting, and go on a journey with us.

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