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Step into the radiant world of '333,' a painting that holds within its golden hues a profound message of guidance, protection, and divine connection. Within your existence, there exists a celestial team, always present, always watching, always guiding.


36"x 24"x 1.5"


Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

This artwork serves as a potent portal to connect with your angelic guide. In moments of uncertainty, when the path ahead seems shrouded in shadows, know that you are never alone. Reach out to this celestial presence for divine guidance, and the answers shall gracefully unfold before you.

As you gaze upon '333,' feel your frequency shifting, doors of opportunity swinging open, and your heart embracing the love and wisdom bestowed upon you. You are indeed God's highest form of creation, a vessel of divine potential and purpose.

In those moments of doubt or resistance, surrender it all to your angel. Trust in their ability to transmute the energy, turning challenges into stepping stones, and paving the way for positivity and growth. Believe, with unwavering conviction, that you are precisely where you need to be on your soul's mission.

As the collector of this painting, you have the extraordinary privilege of choosing additional energies to be infused, further amplifying its ability to support your journey. Tailor it to your specific needs, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with your intentions.

If '333' resonates with your soul's journey, inquire now. Let it serve as your guiding light, your protector, and your connection to the divine, ensuring that you continue along the path of purpose and illumination.


Lift Me Up- Rihanna
Every painting is created with no image in mind, but a feeling. From start to finish, each piece has a specific song which was played on a loop. This unique process allows the channeled energy and emotion to flow from Spirit, through Jade, and onto the canvas. We invite you to listen to the song unified with this painting, and go on a journey with us.

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