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When Our Worlds Collided

Enter the intricate tapestry of 'When Our Worlds Collided,' a painting that delves into the profound journey of healing from a karmic soulmate. This connection, unlike any other, once bathed your soul in pure bliss until the tides of destiny led it astray. Yet, in the ebb and flow of this experience, lessons were woven into the very fabric of your being.


10"x 10"x 1"


Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

This painting beckons you to revisit the chapters of that profound soul connection, not with bitterness or sorrow, but through the lens of love and gratitude. Each moment spent together, every heartache endured, was a stepping stone on your soul's path to growth and wisdom.

In the realm of karmic soulmates, you tasted both the sweet nectar of joy and the bitter depths of despair. But, remember that it's through the contrast of light and darkness that we come to truly understand the nature of our existence. Just as one can't fully appreciate the radiance of the stars without the backdrop of the night sky, so too can't we fully comprehend love without experiencing its challenges.

'When Our Worlds Collided' is your reminder that every encounter, every relationship, every twist and turn of your journey has served a higher purpose. Even when paths diverge, love remains the guiding thread that ties your soul's experiences together.

As the proud owner, you have the unique privilege to imbue this painting with your own intentions, deepening its alignment with your intuition and inner guidance.

If 'When Our Worlds Collided' resonates with your healing journey, consider inviting it into your world. Let it serve as a cherished reminder that, through love and gratitude, you rise above the pain and continue to journey forward, wiser and more whole.


We Can Do Hard Things- Tish Melton
Every painting is created with no image in mind, but a feeling. From start to finish, each piece has a specific song which was played on a loop. This unique process allows the channeled energy and emotion to flow from Spirit, through Jade, and onto the canvas. We invite you to listen to the song unified with this painting, and go on a journey with us.

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