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Illuminate your life with a multifaceted journey of
self-discovery and empowerment for a deeper, more sustainable path to wellness.


Dive into practices that not only heal you physically, mentally & emotionally, but also help you fill your cup
so you can shine brighter .

A sacred space crafted for empaths, dreamers, and trailblazers like you.

Look no further because you've found a place where you can
come as you are and be welcomed with open arms right here with us
in our commUNITY on Patreon.

Join us today to cultivate a life where you don't just merely exist,
but you are vibrant, inspired, and truly thrive!

Our Illumination Journey membership is designed as uniquely as YOU! Discover a wide variety of tools, practices, and techniques
to help you thrive in every aspect of your life.
Wherever you are on your journey, our approach is still the same.
We'll meet you exactly where you are. 


What's Special About the Illumination Journey?

We do things differently around here. This isn't a one size fits all approach to wellness,

because if that worked you wouldn't be here still looking for answers.

As a personal growth junkie and someone who has overcome incredibly difficult challenges,

I have put together ALL the tools I've gathered on my journey that made me the vibrant woman you see today.

I've healed conditions such as chronic migraines, depression, anxiety, using the use of my dominant arm due to CRPS,

Miofascial Pain Syndrome, and anorexia.

It's helped me not only heal after abuse, divorce, and constantly burning out,

but to liberate myself and have a playful, abundant life that I truly love.

I'm PROOF THIS WORKS and I've done the hard work for you so you don't have to spend decades trying to find a solution. 

Our approach is eclectic, fun, and effective. An essential part of transformation and a beautiful life is support.

That's why our commUNITY is one of the most powerful pieces, especially if you're an empath, dreamer, or a trailblazer.

Here, you'll find a supportive space where you can express yourself freely, share your wins, receive encouragement,

and meet like minded souls.


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Explore a wide variety of exclusive videos and tutorials exploring topics like how to paint, intuitive art, colour psychology, energy healing, mindfulness, and beyond. Gain access to valuable insights, practical tips, and tools that will very quickly ignite your inner spark and raise your vibration, can heal dis-ease, overcome burnout, and give you peace. New, inspirational content will be released every month!


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Choose the tier that feels like the best fit to you.  You can use it as often as you want, when you want, and at a price you feel great about! This kind of material and support could easily be a $6,000 annual or $222 monthly investment, and it would be worth it, but I want this to be an easy YES for you. You are the greatest investment you'll ever make. Not only will you greatly benefit, but your family and business will thrive too as a natural result.


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Connect with me directly through our private group, join live calls every week, and exclusive Platinum Member-only events. Share your artwork, ask questions, strengthen your gifts, and receive personalized feedback tailored to your unique needs

and goals. You're going to meet like minded souls from around the world who will be growing with you, cheering you on

when you're winning, and hold space for you when you're struggling. Your people are here and we all need support, but even more so if you're an empath or a trailblazer.


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Enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers on a variety of products and services, including ebooks, artwork, 1:1 mentorship, 1:1 energy healing sessions, and more. As a valued member of the Illumination Journey, you'll have access to promotions

that are only available to our patrons. We will always go above and beyond to make sure you feel appreciated and treated

as the Divine being that you are.

Simply choose the tier that resonates with you the most, hit that magical "Join" button, and you're officially part of the family.


Your Creative Catalyst, Guide, and Ally

Hello beautiful souls! I'm Jade, your fellow empath, dreamer, and trailblazer. As a passionate advocate for creativity and self-expression, I founded our commUNITY on Patreon as a sanctuary for people like you – a place where you can cultivate your mind, heART and soul connection so you can shine brighter and have an abundant life with peace and light.

My own journey has been one of pain, exploration, discovery, and growth. From the earliest moments of my childhood, I've wanted to help people feel safe, loved, and empowered. Pain is pain. Grief is grief. And I know both deeply. I understand now that I went through so much so that I could help others on a deeper level and lead by example. If it wasn't for the darkness, I would never have found the light, and I will be forever grateful for it all. 

With the Illumination Journey, I wanted to create a space where individuals from all walks of life could come together to explore their creativity, nurture their spirits, and forge meaningful connections with like-minded souls. Regardless of your age, gender, background, or what you've been through, all are welcome. I want you to feel your best so you can do what you do best!

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We GUARANTEE  you'll feel brighter, grounded, and inspired if you apply these methods!

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Choose Your Path

SILVER ($3/Month)

Silver Membership offers a unique blend of art education, colour, and family fun. Learn all the ways you can use colour to your benefit in your home, work, and wardrobe. 


Perfect for the person wanting inspiration, more creativity in their life, and a way to bring their family closer. 


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Exclusive Access to Painting Basics

Intro How To Heal With Colour

Fun Kids Crafts and Activities

Behind The Scenes and Bloopers


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Free Access to My E-Books

GOLD ($11/Month)

Gold Membership offers a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth and well-being. Learn how to paint, reprogram your subconscious mind, release blockages, use colour and understand energy.


Perfect for the person who is just starting their journey and wanting to feel more secure, grounded, empowered, and vibrant.


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Everything included with Silver Members

Guided Meditation & Affirmations Library

 Mindset Concepts for Empowerment

Colour Psychology & Intro to Chakras


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15% Off Energetic-Infused Prints and Psychic Art

VIP PLATINUM ($33/Month)

VIP Platinum Membership offers an exceptional opportunity to harness powerful tools and practices to facilitate deep transformation, improved health, personal growth and personalized support.


Perfect for the person who's ready and willing to go all in and make a total transformation for themselves and generations to come.


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Everything included with Silver & Gold

Exclusive Reiki & Energy Healing Sessions

Intuitive Healing Art Exercises

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Sound Bath Library

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Private Community & Weekly Live Calls


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10% Off 1:1 Reiki and 1:1 Coaching/Mentorship

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10% Off Original Paintings

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Join Us and Ignite Your Light!

If you're feeling burnt out, seeking clarity, stuck in hustle and

grind mode, or always taking care of others, then I guarantee

these tools will help.


This fun and easy Mind, heART, and Soul approach treats you like

the unique individual you are and supports you as a whole.


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Feel Inspired and Joyous: You'll learn how being inspired

and following the joy are tools. You'll have more ideas flowing 

to you, your creativity will be ignited and you'll have such a

deeper sense of satisfaction within yourself and for your life.

This is a total game changer for not just yourself, but for your

family and work as well. If you're not having fun, then you're

not really living!

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Feel Energized and Rejuvenated: You can't pour from an empty

cup. In order to serve and help others the way you want to,

whether that be your family or work, taking care of yourself

first is necessary.


These practices will help you feel so energetic, balanced, and

rejuvenated, making it easier to do what you need to do. Not to

mention that your mind and body will thank you for it too.

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Feel Connected and Empowered: When you know your worth

 and embrace your weird, the connection to yourself will change, therefore everything outside of you will change too. With us 

you'll gain a whole commUNITY that is with you every step of

the way. 


We ALL need support and this is a key element

necessary if you want to be making a bigger impact and not

fall back into old patterns.

Click that "Join" button, choose your tier, and let's fill your cup so you can shine brighter and be the Divine being that you are!

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